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The “Do Not Spam Facebook” Guidical

Before I start, I know your curious to know what the term “guidical” is or stands for.

It means “Guide Article” or “Article Guide”. Technically, this article is set-up as a rules of engagement playbook in less than 500 words. I promise I won’t leave any details out in helping you avoid the nastiest plague on the largest social network in the world –Facebook.

And the plague is known to you as “spam”. It’s the nasty delicacy that comes in the can, and it’s the bain of existence that gives social media marketers like you and I a bad rep.

There was a time when facebook was nothing but a college hangout. Now, it’s grown to become a place where business professionals meet, partnerships are created, and millions of dollars exchange hands through transactions. All of which is possible with the power of facebook.

Knowing facebook is a place where fortunes can be made, it makes sense to conduct yourself in a business matter that follows a certain “etiquette” that must be followed at all times.

A professional business persons pet peeve is “spam”. Its something marketers like you and I can’t stand. It’s like a roach who’s head cut off, never dies. It’s irritating and gets on your nerve.

It got worst over the years as the network social marketing scene came into effect with “attraction marketing”. Spammers are getting their information from other spammers telling them to share their links with anyone and to cross your fingers and hope for the best.

They pitch their business opportunity wherever they can (inboxes, statuses, friends walls, group posts, etc) and go on a 1 week marketing blitz that not only wastes their time but frustrates marketers who pay the consequences of a bad image.

But here’s the crutch: They honestly believe that the more people who see their “stuff” the more traffic they get, and the more money they make. They try to implement the Law Of Averages in a situation where it doesn’t apply.

The reason why I wrote the “Do Not Spam Facebook” Guidical is to give you a heads up on how to approach facebook marketing so when you go to promote your products and services, you’re not bum rushed out the exit door.

If you treat facebook right and with a little respect you’ll be rewarded by the facebook gods, mistreat the system and it will punish you like a switch off a tree branch. With a bit of effort facebook can generate you thousands from all the free traffic you get from loyal facebook friends.



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