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Never Do *THIS* In Your Article Marketing…

The quality of the articles you or someone else write is a representation of you. Even if you never write a single word yourself and outsource most of your work, you are the ambassador of your own marketing and fully responsible for it.

With the internet taking off the way it has, it’s so much easier to put out useless content that does nothing but piss people off for wasting their time. Thus, taking away trust from honest marketers like yourself and making your job harder.

Let’s take banner advertising for example: In the early and late 90’s, banner advertising was all the rage. It worked like gangbusters and produced record breaking internet profits for many of the pioneers in this business.

But the unthinkable happened:

Dishonest and greedy marketers started abusing a working system, biting the hand
that feeds them.

People clicking on these banner ads suddenly started seeing how they were being taken for a ride in their own homes. They were being bombarded with unwanted messages to “buy, buy, buy”. Little to no value was offered in addition to the banner ads and things just started looking bad.

Promises of losing 100 pounds or making a million dollars in 5 days was becoming a thing of the past and people started to getting smarter.

It got to the point where there were whole websites dedicated to nothing but banners with nothing else of value left on it.

All this led to distrust in banners and the value they CAN provide in the hands of a good marketers who knows what they’re doing. It was a back and forth circus between buyer and marketer — if the buyer weren’t being naive, the marketer was being deceptive.

It all collapsed under it’s own weight.

Some experts suspect the same happening with article marketing. Thankfully, there are a few pioneers who restored trust back into the system and proved you don’t have to make false promises or claims to make money online.

There is one thing you want to avoid at all costs that boils this article down to one word:


It’s never done anyone, both consumer and marketer, any good in the long run so stay away from it with a 10 foot pole.

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