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Here’s The Real Reason Why Social Marketing Techniques Kick Bootay

What’s all the fuss about social media and why professionals like Perry Belcher — who recently retired after making over a million dollars in the last two years — can make half a million dollars a year?

For starters, it’s FREE.

As a social media marketer, you can drive free traffic to generate leads and sales in your business without any financial expense except your time.

When you’re driving sales from traffic like YouTube, twitter, or facebook you’re banking profit with almost no expenses to name of (except taxes and maybe hosting and auto- responder expenses).

100% ROI’s are not uncommon IF…social media marketing is a part of your overall business marketing plan.

Secondly, residual traffic.

Higher search engine rankings lead to more traffic from google, yahoo, and MSN.

When you do the work once, most of the time all your doing is doing light maintenance to keep your positions on the search engines.

One of the toughies to deal with involving social media is the insane amount of info thrown at you, pulling one arm each away from each other. It’s the primary reason most marketers stay away from social media and stick to more expensive marketing like Pay-Per-Click or banner ads.

Fortunately, understanding social media and getting it to work for you so you can earn millions of dollars over the lifetime of your business makes it worth seeking the best mentors and trainers on the many social media methods.

In addition to mentors, their are tools you can use to automate much of the tedious tasks involved with a successful media marketing campaign. Many of them are free (OnlyWire.Com — Bookmarking submissions) and some of them are paid (TrafficGeyser — Video submissions).

So far I gave you three reasons why media marketing kicks butt, but what about what makes it kind of…suck?

Like the fact that you don’t “own” any of the property you operate on.

Unless you’re the next Mark Zuckerburg, chances are you’re building a business around a business you can’t control. Sometimes your effort can be removed without warning and blogging platforms like wordpress can be vicious if they suspect you of spam.

Another thing that sucks about it is a lot of the work, is hard work. In fact, it can be a pain in the butt to work hard on something you’re not sure will produce any end result…

but this problem can be solved with a little education on a system you can follow from start to end to help you make the best judgment on the best use of your time.

Social media marketing kicks bootay even with the minor drawbacks. The benefits far outweigh the positives by a mile, and I’m confident that with a little elbow grease you too could be the next social media marketing multi-millionaire.



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