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Fool-Proof Methods To Get Quality Content For Your Blog


“Without Content, You Have Nothing”.

Content is the driving force behind blogging and what it represents to an individual seeking to express themselves and their beliefs.

Content makes the blogging world spin on it’s axis, so without it you’re doomed to have nothing to build your up-and-coming wildly successful blog around. If your blog is stale it rots like a carcass in the ground. If it get’s boring people fall asleep (or leave). If it’s predictable or recycled content people recycle their thoughts about giving you a second chance to make a first impression.

In this article, I’m going to quickly go through 2 “fool-proof” methods professional bloggers use to make their life easier, keep their passion and make money all at the same time starting with:

Creating Quality Content From Scratch With Your Own Two Hands

If you’re starting out, I ONLY recommend you start writing content yourself. Unless you set up a plan to create a blog of writers who share a similar interest, bringing them together to write about the same topic, blogging yourself is the best way to go.

The biggest reason you want to write for yourself in the beginning is because you want readers to identify you with your writing. The more writers you have on board, the more diverse your message is going to be — confusing the readers and eventually tuning out.

The next method of getting content requires a little more money and planning to get it right, but will generally save you time from writing so much yourself as your blog gains fame and popularity.

Outsource Original Content From Trusted Freelance Writers

Outsourcing original content to put on your blog usually takes time to nail it right.


You will run across a few dead-beats. You will have delays. You will have crappy writers. And so on.

A few places I like and personally recommend are Elance.Com, Guru.Com, Rentacoder.Com, or the Warrior Forum “For Hire” section.

Be careful with duplicate content. Not only will your blog be penalized from the neck down, it’ll tee off the person you got the ripped off copy from (without knowing it) and lawsuits can be filed against you for plagiarism.

Copyscape.Com is by far the best copy tester there is out there to ensure you’re getting top quality unique work.

Regardless how you get your content, always be sure you it’s top-notch quality.

People don’t like reading junk (they get enough with junk email), so your mission should be to entertain, educate, and inspire people with the words you digitally press on your blog.



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