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Even MORE Money Making WordPress Blogging Plug-Ins

In this article, I’m going to expose even MORE wordpress blogging plug-ins that make you money without lifting a finger below:

Money Plug-In #1 : Ninja Affiliate WordPress Plug-In

Ninja Affiliate is a unique plug-in that automatically convert any keyword in your blog to an affiliate link almost instantly. It also includes cloaking you links (to prevent scalping and stealing commissions i.e. more profit for you), and allows you to track the traffic and sales from your wordpress back office.

You have total control over this software from limiting the volume of keywords converted to custom formatting your affiliate links.

It’s an all in one affiliate marketing system for bloggers you will likely not find anywhere else on the market.
Money Plug-In #2 : Adsense WordPress Plug-In

Google Adsense has become a staple in the blogging community because at one time, it was the ONLY way to make a blog profitable. Over time, people abused the system (making advertisers less likely to spend money) forcing google to make some changes to the system — changes that makes it easier for you to profit with this plug-in on your blog.

The way adsense works is simple: when a reader clicks on a ad on your blog, you get paid-per-click. Regardless if your reader buys the product or service on the other end, you get paid anywhere from .05 to as high as $10+ or higher depending on the niche.

I recommend the “Adsense Deluxe Plug-In”.
Money Plug-In #3 : PayPal Donations WordPress WordPress Plug-In

Ever noticed those tiny paypal donation buttons on the sides of blogs or at the end of every post?

You’d be surprised how many people will give you money to support you because they took a piece of information from you that changed their life. If you want to make a little money blogging, it’s a fun way to politely ask for financial support in keeping up the maintenance of your blog.

You won’t make a fortune, but you will make enough to cover a night out to dinner every month or so.

Money Plug-In #4 : Shopping Cart WordPress WordPress Plug-In

This plug-in comes in handy because it allows your readers to buy from you while on your blog. When someone goes to purchase something, they’re not being taken away from your website which makes them more comfortable to do business with you. I recommend the YAK plug-in. Some of it’s benefits are fulfilling orders, keeping track of orders, and managing products.

This concludes this [ARITCLE/BLOG] on how to get even MORE wordpress plug-ins you didn’t know about that makes you money.

As a word of caution : Do not try to use all of these plug-ins at once. It’s over-kill and will do nothing but confuse you and your readers.

To keep your readership and integrity of your blog strong, the quality, personality, and content on your blog must outweigh all the ads, affiliate links, and adsense clicks. If not, your readers will see right through you and stop showing up to the party. To many plug-ins will destroy profit faster than you can make it.

With these plug-ins in hand, you have even LESS of an excuse to not make money with your blogging website because I just cracked opened a vault of secrets few successful bloggers will ever take the time to give to you.



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