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Blogging To The Bank

Did you notice it too?

I’m talking about “blogging websites turning into websites” model. In the last few months, blogging has become more like a sales business than a communication platform.

Recently, “blogging professionals” are turning standard blogs into opt-in pages, salespages, and standard websites. Nothing wrong with that, but when you lose sight of what makes a blog a blog you’re walking on thin ice.

Bottomline, you should still have a real blog that serves it’s purpose the way it was orginally designed : to communicate ideas, topics, and subjects to your target audience with the intent to have your readers get involved to share their opinions.

The blogs other purpose is to continue a conversation you started through other social media outlets like youtube, twitter, facebook, or myspace. It should be a continuoes flow from one social media network to your blog — another social media network — which than leads to the inevitable sale.

The idea is if they like your videos, your tweets, or your facebook page they will go out of their way to learn more from you and about you to keep the interaction going and to develope a relationship. Therefore, you should link your blog to other social media sites you’re interacting with.

Another major reason I stress keeping and maintaining a real blog is for control.

Blogs as social media platforms give you more creative control over your content than any other media. If you put a video on youtube they don’t agree with, they can take it down. If you get enough complaints about your tweets, they can delete your account. If you create an ad for facebook and it doens’t get approved, there’s nothing you can do about it.

But with your own blog, you have total control over almost everything every where else you do not. You can place advertisements on your blog for payment with other marketers or you can advertise your own products. You can blog about virtually any-thing without fear of getting banned, and so on.

Clearly, using blogs as a way to drive traffic, control content, and manage your own sales system is a no-brainer.

Don’t delay using the power that lies in a well-developed blog to grow your social networking empire.




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