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Article Marketing Sucks And Is A Waste Of Time — Here’s Why…


“I couldn’t get it to work for ME, therefore it can’t possibly work for you or anyone else”.

Seriously, how many times have we heard THAT one before.

The world’s full of critics who think they have the answers to everything. It get’s worst when business is involved because it’s so easy to write off something that doesn’t work when you couldn’t get it to work for you.

It’s hard to determine what information is right and what’s wrong because personal opinions can cloud the judgment of any sane human being.

I’m sure you’ve heard positives and negatives about article marketing. Probably more negative than positive. But if you knew that it works for one person and not for the other, would you want to know how it works from the person who it works for or the one who complains about it not working for them?

I’d bet money you’d want to learn it from someone who it works for.

You’ve read horror stories, and believe me they are there, about how they spend xxx amount of dollars and time and got pitiful results. Some talk about article marketing losing it’s effectiveness, some say it doesn’t work for beginners, and some are saying it doesn’t work at all.

But if it doesn’t work for them, does it mean it won’t work for you? If I told you I can’t jump higher than 3 feet, doesn’t mean you can’t jump 4?

Everyone has their opinion, and their entitled to it. There are marketers who make a living from articles alone. Those are the ones you should listen to because in the grand scheme of things, THEY found out how to make it work and you will make it work taking notes on what they do and how they do it.

Many factors come to play in marketing successfully with articles including how many articles were submitted, where they were submitted to, how the research was done, if PLR content was used, what keywords were targeted, and so on.

Bottom-line, if someone swears article marketing doesn’t work, be the first to question them about why it DIDN’T work and learn what not to do so you don’t make the same mistakes.

Some people are resistant to give answers to those questions hard to answer because they would have to admit they were wrong…about something.

And few people want to admit they were wrong…about anything.

Keep that in mind before you make your decision on if article marketing fits you and your online business.



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