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Are YOU Making These Youtube Marketing Mistakes? Then Do This…

I was the worst video marketer you could imagine…

Until I put my mistakes on paper, learned from them, avoided them in the future and made a tidy profit.

Below are the two of the biggest mistakes I see people make on youtube constantly, and they are:

1. Put Up A Few Videos…Than Stop! — Most of the videos you put up will not be knockouts…and they don’t need to be. You’ll score a jab or two, get a few haymakers here and there, and then, without question, you’ll get a knockout win.

Sometimes the “KO” will happen in the first found, the third, or the last — but the law of averages state that it’s inevitable to happen and you can’t help but win a few matches this way because the numbers are on your side.

Also, don’t be surprised if your best video doesn’t get many views, and your “ugliest” videos get the most views. It’s hard to predict how the market will react and what their taste is for the week.

To prevent yourself from getting discouraged, make 10 – 20 videos at a time and put them up simultaneously so you don’t have time to watch the response of each video. Out of 10 or 20 videos, you’re bound to get a few winners making you money.

2. Lazy Keyword Stuffing & Research — Aside from the mistake of putting up a handful of videos and expecting a 6-figure income, bad keyword research is the second culprit.

Few people know how to take a video with a paltry 500 or so views to 5,000 or more. And the secret is that it all comes down to “keyword targeting” and knowing how your target market think, act, and feel for information.

If you can successfully get in the head of your audience, you struck a gold mine and all you need are a few pickup trucks to haul your profits away.

If you’re familiar with keyword research for getting on the front page of google, you’ll be happy to know youtube’s search works the “same exact way” and people use it the way they use googles search bar — only for when they want a video representation of what they’re searching for.

Cool, eh?

If you’re making those two mistakes, you’re just asking for trouble (can’t say I didn’t warn you).

Avoid these mistakes at all costs and avoid the temptation to put up any keyword term or to give up after only 2 or 3 video uploads. Understand that you need to saturate the market with quality content before you are taken seriously. The quicker you can burn this advice in your mind, the fewer video marketing mistakes you’ll make, the quicker you’ll turn a profit.



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