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5 Minute Mogul has done it

Well, 5 Minute Mogul has done it…

Things are really heating up with the Beta Launch of 5 Minute Mogul 2.0 just DAYS away on Friday… And HUNDREDS of members are joining every day…

Check out our traffic Graph on Alexa…
Which unfortunately caused a problem over the last 24 hours…

We officially have started growing so fast that we CRASHED the servers last night! And HUNDREDS of you who signed up in the last 24 hours were unable to see the welcome videos… (if you missed it or want to watch it again you can go here how:

Great problem to have, having so much traffic that you can’t handle it, but definitely don’t want it to happen again!

So Kimball DOUBLED the server capacity which should hold us over for at least a few weeks 🙂 Then we’ll double or triple it again…

Make sure you secure your GUARANTEED to Earn Commissions Position before they do and you’ll earn 3 Times as much off them… See how it works here:

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