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3 Heavily Guarded Secrets To Choosing A Topic For Your Blog


Today, I’m going to open the Fort Knox fault to choosing a topic for your blog that get’s read, get’s famous, and make you money. But before I get into that, first you have to ask yourself these questions:

What is my blog really about, and how do I choose the topic for my blog?

These questions are best answered by digging deep into what you’re personally interested in. When picking your topic or theme, never pick it based on popularity or financial reasons alone. This can cripple you, because you will have little to no desire in keeping up with the demands of blogging consistently.

Therefore, it’s important you write down a list of your favorite subjects and interests you would enjoy sharing with others. For example, if you’re a real estate investor — a blog on making money in real estate will suite you.

Let’s dive right in to choosing a blog topic secret #1:

1. Creativity Drives Blogging Success

Few people can hit the right note the first time they sit down to play a new instrument, and the same philosophy goes for blogging. If you want to hit a lot of right notes in perfect harmony, sometimes you have to try and test a few different ways to make your blog stand out.

One way is to have a interview like blog that interviews some of the top professionals and experts in your industry of choice. Another is to have more than one blogger contribute to the overall experience.

When you find something, stick with it, add it to your line-up of great creative ideas, and go for more to stay ahead of the curve.

2. Stick To Popular Idea’s That WORK!

Lose Weight. Make Money. Personal Development. All these topics are BIG markets that make for great topics to talk about. I don’t know many who aren’t interested in at least one of the three, so starting a blog about it gives you the best odds of success.

Stay clear of obscure topics if you ever have plans of becoming a major player in the blogging world.

3. Keep Your Blog Updated Regularly

When people visit your blog, they “expect” to see at least 1 or 2 new blog posts than did last time. Your readers check back once or twice a week to see if their’s anything new. Make sure you update your blog at least twice a week (especially if you’re new)

Choosing a blog topic and “sticking” with it isn’t difficult if you apply all three secrets above before making a decision because you make up your mind, you have to stay with your decision.

Blogging is a mentally stimulating activity — like a journal or diary online where others read your thoughts, ideas, embarrassments, pains, and accomplishments with your permission.

With that said, I wish you the best of luck choosing your blogs topic. Don’t rush into it. Let it come to you and help you decide what move to make next before you make it and you’ll be satisfied with your decision for a very long time.



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