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BlockBuzz – Internet Pixel Advertising

Advertise your business with BlockBuzz



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How To Create Animoto Video And Upload To YouTube

This video explains how to create an Animoto video, Upload the video to YouTube and insert a YouTube annotation.


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EXPOSED: What Is Article Marketing REALLY About?

So what is it that makes article marketing a staple in the online marketing community and why does it continue to bring in strong results for famous article marketers like Deagan Smith?

The answer lies in understanding articles and why and how they work to drive traffic, leads, and sales to your online business.

And it all starts with understanding the basic principles that makes article marketing
run like a perfect calibrated machine.

So what IS article marketing?

Article marketing is not a business, but the art and science of using articles you hire out or write yourself in the hopes it’ll drive traffic to your online business to “drive” business.

They’re created with distribution in mind to various article marketing directories, many of which are free, to display your article online.

The sole reason why article directories offer their services for free is because of profits earned from the placement of advertisements around the content you submit. The more articles they have on their directory, the more traffic — therefore more money — they make.

Article marketing online wasn’t much different than it was before the internet evolved over the last few years. In print, with the right connections you could get your article placed for free talking about the benefits of a product or service you’re promoting for free. In return, the newspaper (or magazine) saved on the costs of finding talent to
write for their publication.

Again, creating a win-win for both parties involved.

The biggest difference between online and offline article marketing is the barrier
of entry has lowered to the point where both the really bad and really good article marketers are on the same level playing field.

If you had a bad article to submit to a printed publication, it would be rejected in a heart beat. With online publications, because there are so many start-up distribution centers they are starving for content and, no matter how bad the content it will normally find it’s away around to the end-user which disrupts the credibility of online articles.

Article marketing is just one of many ways to promote products or services.

Usually, people with smaller marketing budgets use articles to get the results they’re looking for.

Keep in mind that keywords are your most important article marketing tool. Without them is like looking for your home (your website) without a street addresse. Make it easy for your target audience to find you.

Give serious thought to what words they’re likely to type looking for specific information and modify your articles accordingly to fit like a glove. Get this right, and you won’t have to fight to drive traffic to your online business.

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