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Are YOU Making These Youtube Marketing Mistakes? Then Do This…

I was the worst video marketer you could imagine…

Until I put my mistakes on paper, learned from them, avoided them in the future and made a tidy profit.

Below are the two of the biggest mistakes I see people make on youtube constantly, and they are:

1. Put Up A Few Videos…Than Stop! — Most of the videos you put up will not be knockouts…and they don’t need to be. You’ll score a jab or two, get a few haymakers here and there, and then, without question, you’ll get a knockout win.

Sometimes the “KO” will happen in the first found, the third, or the last — but the law of averages state that it’s inevitable to happen and you can’t help but win a few matches this way because the numbers are on your side.

Also, don’t be surprised if your best video doesn’t get many views, and your “ugliest” videos get the most views. It’s hard to predict how the market will react and what their taste is for the week.

To prevent yourself from getting discouraged, make 10 – 20 videos at a time and put them up simultaneously so you don’t have time to watch the response of each video. Out of 10 or 20 videos, you’re bound to get a few winners making you money.

2. Lazy Keyword Stuffing & Research — Aside from the mistake of putting up a handful of videos and expecting a 6-figure income, bad keyword research is the second culprit.

Few people know how to take a video with a paltry 500 or so views to 5,000 or more. And the secret is that it all comes down to “keyword targeting” and knowing how your target market think, act, and feel for information.

If you can successfully get in the head of your audience, you struck a gold mine and all you need are a few pickup trucks to haul your profits away.

If you’re familiar with keyword research for getting on the front page of google, you’ll be happy to know youtube’s search works the “same exact way” and people use it the way they use googles search bar — only for when they want a video representation of what they’re searching for.

Cool, eh?

If you’re making those two mistakes, you’re just asking for trouble (can’t say I didn’t warn you).

Avoid these mistakes at all costs and avoid the temptation to put up any keyword term or to give up after only 2 or 3 video uploads. Understand that you need to saturate the market with quality content before you are taken seriously. The quicker you can burn this advice in your mind, the fewer video marketing mistakes you’ll make, the quicker you’ll turn a profit.



8 Bad Azz YouTube Secrets That Boost Your Traffic And Explode Your Sales


I didn’t “invent” nor find out about these all by myself. In fact, many I’ve discovered came from the advice and mentorship of other successful youtube video marketers
who make their living with this stuff.

In no order of particular importance, below you’re going to discover 8 bad azz youtube secrets that’ll make you money using free traffic

Secret #1: If you’re new to video marketing and YouTube is your first choice (and best choice), when you open your YouTube channel post your first video as a “response” to a popular video.

This is powerful because it brings in fresh subscribers to your channel and fresh views.

Secret #2: After editing and uploading your videos, to get more traffic to your video submit your video link to social bookmarking websites like digg, mixx, sumbleupon, etc.

Also, don’t forget to tag them on the big three : Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace.

Secret #3: If your using YouTube for the IM niche, focus on 1 niche ONLY. Upload two videos of the same keywords and the chances of you getting ranked goes up by almost 50%.

Secret #4: Search for a popular video with keywords to match your target market and contact the owner and ask if you can put your website in a annotation embedded in the video for a small cash payment.

Secret #5: Don’t be a hermit and make friends with some of the people in your niche. Yes, that includes your competitors. Comment on their videos and help them get more views to their channel and they might return the favor or give you a few connections.

Secret #6: Create a parody version of a popular YouTube video using the same keywords, tags, and title. Do not MOCK the video with the intent to harm their reputation to build yours. Keep it light, and most importantly make it funny.

Secret #7: Use a video of yours to include as a response on other peoples Myspace account or other social media network websites. Make sure the video is relevant to the comment your making.

Secret #8: Keep the videos brief and to the point. Long, drawn out videos rarely get the attention they deserve because when they look over to their right — voila! more videos to look at that get straight to the point.

Attention spans are short-lived in a age where information is abundant, so keep your videos short.

These are all bits and pieces to a bigger puzzle that will only improve your traffic and consequently boost sales. Don’t try to tackle all little secrets at once. Take your time and apply one at a time until you reach the end of the list.



The Four Facebook Social Marketing Commandments

None of these Facebook commandments are “gospel” (no pun intended), but they are required mastery if you want to explode your social media marketing traffic using Face-book as a gateway to a booming online business.

FB Commandment #1: Thou Shall Have A Powerful Profile

Facebook profiles are not judged by the words that are said, but by what it does for the reader.

Does it MOVE them emotionally? Do they feel CONNECTED to you in some way? Do they share a COMMON goal with you? Are they in the same PROFESSION as you? Does it make them CURIOUS? Does it make them ASK questions? Does it PISS them off, or does it make them SMILE?

And more importantly… do they believe they can get value out of their association with you and in what way can you make a difference in their lives?

If you answered “no” to 5 or more of those questions, chances are your profile needs a serious upgrade to make it worth your time.

FB Commandment #2: Thou Shall Have Videos And Photos

Why? Because people can’t get enough of them. It’s true that people probably look at themselves more than anyone else they know, but the 2nd most viewed person are they’re friends and family.

To get a little more exposure, tag your friends in the photos (rather they are there or not) to let them know you’re thinking about them.

Don’t be shy and upload a few photo’s of yourself at the very least. In the digital age it’s unacceptable NOT to have at least 2 or 3 pictures of yourself up because cheap digital cameras are to easy to come by.

FB Commandment #3: Thou Shall Join Facebook Groups

Because the more groups you join, the more exposure and connections you create with people in your target market. This gives you authority and makes you accessible. Start your own group and be a leader to increase your reach.

This creates serious leverage because people in your group generally trust you and respect your opinions and therefore are likely to extend your reach to their friends.


FB Commandment #4: Thou Shall Take Advantage Of Facebook Wall

The easiest way to build your brand is to consistently post new videos, tips, advice, articles etc. to keep your image in the public eye.

Respond to other peoples wall and give a meaningful response to their messages. This makes them feel appreciated and will generally respond back which shows up on their wall (generating interest in your profile).

I hope this guide has been of good value to you and your online business. Facebook is by far the best gifts to mankind since the dawn of the computer and Google.

Follow these 4 commandments and I’m confident you will get the traffic you want, build the relationships you’re looking for, and make the money you need to pay your bills.



Here’s The Real Reason Why Social Marketing Techniques Kick Bootay

What’s all the fuss about social media and why professionals like Perry Belcher — who recently retired after making over a million dollars in the last two years — can make half a million dollars a year?

For starters, it’s FREE.

As a social media marketer, you can drive free traffic to generate leads and sales in your business without any financial expense except your time.

When you’re driving sales from traffic like YouTube, twitter, or facebook you’re banking profit with almost no expenses to name of (except taxes and maybe hosting and auto- responder expenses).

100% ROI’s are not uncommon IF…social media marketing is a part of your overall business marketing plan.

Secondly, residual traffic.

Higher search engine rankings lead to more traffic from google, yahoo, and MSN.

When you do the work once, most of the time all your doing is doing light maintenance to keep your positions on the search engines.

One of the toughies to deal with involving social media is the insane amount of info thrown at you, pulling one arm each away from each other. It’s the primary reason most marketers stay away from social media and stick to more expensive marketing like Pay-Per-Click or banner ads.

Fortunately, understanding social media and getting it to work for you so you can earn millions of dollars over the lifetime of your business makes it worth seeking the best mentors and trainers on the many social media methods.

In addition to mentors, their are tools you can use to automate much of the tedious tasks involved with a successful media marketing campaign. Many of them are free (OnlyWire.Com — Bookmarking submissions) and some of them are paid (TrafficGeyser — Video submissions).

So far I gave you three reasons why media marketing kicks butt, but what about what makes it kind of…suck?

Like the fact that you don’t “own” any of the property you operate on.

Unless you’re the next Mark Zuckerburg, chances are you’re building a business around a business you can’t control. Sometimes your effort can be removed without warning and blogging platforms like wordpress can be vicious if they suspect you of spam.

Another thing that sucks about it is a lot of the work, is hard work. In fact, it can be a pain in the butt to work hard on something you’re not sure will produce any end result…

but this problem can be solved with a little education on a system you can follow from start to end to help you make the best judgment on the best use of your time.

Social media marketing kicks bootay even with the minor drawbacks. The benefits far outweigh the positives by a mile, and I’m confident that with a little elbow grease you too could be the next social media marketing multi-millionaire.



What Is Content Marketing And How Does That Help You Make More Money?

What is content marketing exactly?

Content marketing is term used to describe everything that involves direct human-to-human contact for the purpose of creating and sharing content to eventually encourage purchases by current or future client base.

Content marketing aims to increase sales with a small budget by delivering quality and valuable information that drive profits. It’s primary benefit is the ability to hold attention longer than a traditional advertisement and faster brand development.

Content marketing is an effective way to touch all senses of the human body and inter- act with people in a way that was not heard off not more than a few years ago.

Products and services can not only be read, but seen, heard, and felt instantaneously.

However, the purpose is not to spam or scream about your offerings in the hopes of making the sale, but to educate and inform your target audience that “sometimes” includes your products for discussion. The popular belief is that by giving valuable free information brand recognition and industry expert status is obtained.

Media marketers use different social properties to reach various goals that don’t always involve money, such as leadership, fame, lead generation, or improved retention.

So what falls under content marketing?

Videos — creating and uploading videos on YouTube connects you with your target market using all senses to interact and “talk to” your prospect as if they were sitting with you in the living room table or outside on the beach.

Articles — usually a part of writing blog posts for a blog, articles are a powerful way to communicate with your audience. Not as powerful as video and audio, but strong nonetheless.

Web 2.0 — Go to HubPages.Com, Squidoo.Com, or WordPress.Com and you’ll get an idea of what web 2.0 properties consist of. These are places where you connect the dots or send people directly to learn more about you or the subject of interest.

These websites are like your center control panels where you run the show and can control more of the information and the direction your visitors go. But when it’s all said and done…

You make money by DOING. Period.

You don’t need the most expensive social media training course. You don’t need to get all your ducks in a line before you fire your first shot. And you don’t need to study, study, study to make any progress in your online business.

When you go out to your local grocery store, do you stop yourself from leaving because you anticipate a few red lights along the way? I doubt it. Because ultimately you know you’re going to get to your destination come hell or high water — because you need to eat.

Treat social media marketing as if you’re looking for food, and your food is “taking action”. If you don’t take action, you’re business starves to death. Want your business to survive? Take massive action, adjust, and take more action until you get results.




How To Use Facebook To Drive Red Hot Targeted Traffic To Your Website

When driving traffic online, there are so many ways to do it it’s enough to make your head explode with the possibilities from pay-per-click to article marketing. But today we’re going to focus exclusively on the social media marketing behemoth — Facebook.

Facebook is a safe haven to socialize with people who live several miles away — 62 million people to be exact. And if you consider yourself a people person, facebook can be a virtual goldmine for you and your business.

Seriously. Think about it. 62 “million” people? It’s every online entrepreneurs dream to have instant access to so many people, and FREE!

When you sign up for facebook you will be asked to create a profile of yourself. Basic information like age, your name, your likes and dislikes are the norm. Next, you’ll be asked to invite or connect with people you already know. This is a neat tool because you will have access to your “friends friends”, because people are more comfortable getting to know people who know’s someone they know.

Next, start talking to people.

Ask conversational questions, but nothing like “Do you want to buy xxx product yes or no?”. Ask questions like “So, how do you know so-and-so?” or “What do you do for entertainment?”. And “LISTEN” to their answers. Don’t respond like some robot with an agenda. Be real. Be human.

Facebook marketing isn’t about hoping to get a sale on first contact, or even the second (unless you already have an established reputation, i.e. Tony Robbins).

So find a group sharing similar interests in the products/services you offer and join.

Offer to help by answering questions and giving valuable content to the group. Be the leader of the group. Be the expert. And people will follow your advice, even when you recommend products you produced yourself or affiliated with. People will buy without a second thought because they know you have their best interest at heart.

Before I wrap up, I want to share one last reason why facebook is such a powerful tool..

One of the cool things about facebook is that you don’t need to invest a single dollar. If you have more time on your hands than funds, facebook is a solid way to kick off your social media marketing campaigns.

The trade off is that it will take time for people to build trust in you before they follow you to your website, but it’s a good way to slowly build thousands of followers and repeat traffic (and repeat business) after the initial effort.

Keep in the back of your mind the potential facebook offers marketers like you and I and don’t take it for granted. Take advantage of this potential and turn it into results for your online business.



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