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The Inconvenient Truth Behind The Twitter Numbers Game

What I’m about to talk about will ruffle a few feathers along the way, so if you have sensitive skin I advise you turn away from reading the rest of this article — especially if you’re one of the tweeters I’m referring to below.

So why am I choosing to talk about a twitter marketing secret that’s a little blunt and in your face?

Because telling the truth about using twitter the “most effective” way is, well…


Let’s face it. It gives us a warm fuzzy feelings inside when we think we’ve accomplished a lot building this massive list of tweeters on auto-pilot. It kind of makes us feel like we “did a lot of something”, when in reality — “we did a lot of nothing”.

Don’t misquote me. Using tools to help speed up the process of finding quality twitter users is valuable. It saves us time. But what these tools can NOT do is replace building real relationships which DOES take time, no matter how you slice it.

If you look at a few internet marketers twitter accounts, you’ll discover a lot of them are using these tools to artificially boost their followers so they can eventually sell secrets on how they got 100,000,000 followers in less than 48 hours. Not “all” of them are like that, but a few of them do have those intentions to sell you the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I don’t care how many followers YOU get, be selective of those you’re following.

Come to terms that many of those who follow you, do so on the condition you follow them. But sometimes, those people just aren’t worth following. What you’ll find is nothing short of amazing…

If you received 100 clicks for every link you tweeted to 500 people, and grew your followers by 1500 to a total of 2000 followers, if you deleted those 1500 posers you’ll get the same results then as you did BEFORE the extra followers — because you have the same quality followers now, as you did than who really appreciate your content.

In other words, you’re better off connecting with a smaller groups and building relationships with a few people at a time while letting your social influence grow naturally to the point where it reaches critical mass.

The best tweeps are those who have 200 followers, follows 20 – 30 twitters, has been using the same twitter account for at LEAST a full year, and makes 1 or 2 tweets a day consistently than you are following a “copycat” who’s sole intention is to spam the hell out of it’s 10 thousand followers.



The “Do Not Spam Facebook” Guidical

Before I start, I know your curious to know what the term “guidical” is or stands for.

It means “Guide Article” or “Article Guide”. Technically, this article is set-up as a rules of engagement playbook in less than 500 words. I promise I won’t leave any details out in helping you avoid the nastiest plague on the largest social network in the world –Facebook.

And the plague is known to you as “spam”. It’s the nasty delicacy that comes in the can, and it’s the bain of existence that gives social media marketers like you and I a bad rep.

There was a time when facebook was nothing but a college hangout. Now, it’s grown to become a place where business professionals meet, partnerships are created, and millions of dollars exchange hands through transactions. All of which is possible with the power of facebook.

Knowing facebook is a place where fortunes can be made, it makes sense to conduct yourself in a business matter that follows a certain “etiquette” that must be followed at all times.

A professional business persons pet peeve is “spam”. Its something marketers like you and I can’t stand. It’s like a roach who’s head cut off, never dies. It’s irritating and gets on your nerve.

It got worst over the years as the network social marketing scene came into effect with “attraction marketing”. Spammers are getting their information from other spammers telling them to share their links with anyone and to cross your fingers and hope for the best.

They pitch their business opportunity wherever they can (inboxes, statuses, friends walls, group posts, etc) and go on a 1 week marketing blitz that not only wastes their time but frustrates marketers who pay the consequences of a bad image.

But here’s the crutch: They honestly believe that the more people who see their “stuff” the more traffic they get, and the more money they make. They try to implement the Law Of Averages in a situation where it doesn’t apply.

The reason why I wrote the “Do Not Spam Facebook” Guidical is to give you a heads up on how to approach facebook marketing so when you go to promote your products and services, you’re not bum rushed out the exit door.

If you treat facebook right and with a little respect you’ll be rewarded by the facebook gods, mistreat the system and it will punish you like a switch off a tree branch. With a bit of effort facebook can generate you thousands from all the free traffic you get from loyal facebook friends.



Blogging To The Bank

Did you notice it too?

I’m talking about “blogging websites turning into websites” model. In the last few months, blogging has become more like a sales business than a communication platform.

Recently, “blogging professionals” are turning standard blogs into opt-in pages, salespages, and standard websites. Nothing wrong with that, but when you lose sight of what makes a blog a blog you’re walking on thin ice.

Bottomline, you should still have a real blog that serves it’s purpose the way it was orginally designed : to communicate ideas, topics, and subjects to your target audience with the intent to have your readers get involved to share their opinions.

The blogs other purpose is to continue a conversation you started through other social media outlets like youtube, twitter, facebook, or myspace. It should be a continuoes flow from one social media network to your blog — another social media network — which than leads to the inevitable sale.

The idea is if they like your videos, your tweets, or your facebook page they will go out of their way to learn more from you and about you to keep the interaction going and to develope a relationship. Therefore, you should link your blog to other social media sites you’re interacting with.

Another major reason I stress keeping and maintaining a real blog is for control.

Blogs as social media platforms give you more creative control over your content than any other media. If you put a video on youtube they don’t agree with, they can take it down. If you get enough complaints about your tweets, they can delete your account. If you create an ad for facebook and it doens’t get approved, there’s nothing you can do about it.

But with your own blog, you have total control over almost everything every where else you do not. You can place advertisements on your blog for payment with other marketers or you can advertise your own products. You can blog about virtually any-thing without fear of getting banned, and so on.

Clearly, using blogs as a way to drive traffic, control content, and manage your own sales system is a no-brainer.

Don’t delay using the power that lies in a well-developed blog to grow your social networking empire.




How To Make Social Media Marketing Print Money On Demand


Have you heard of a woman by the name of Maria Andros lately?

Odds are you have if you’ve been even remotely interested in dominating the social market space with your presence.

She’s generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue making 3-minute youtube videos and being one of the first to tap into the “twitter phenomenon” before it became big news. She also took facebook marketing to another level . But Maria’s not the first and “only” person to take advantage of social media marketing…

A fella by the name Perry Belcher is another one, and of course Dennis Kragnalia, the youtube money mastermind — is another one.

The only thing that separates you from them is one principle:

They are passionate about helping others get what they want without begging for business or stepping on anybodies toes. They drop links, website addresses, and opt-in pages so their followers can learn more about them without high-pressure sales tactics.

More importantly your followers want more information about what you offer.

It’s a combination of wanting to learn more about the person who they are buying from and learning more about what they already want to buy. It’s merging buyer psychology with a personal touch that push your sales over the edge.

It’s like being the friendly neighborhood spiderman (or woman) zipping around town (the internet) solving problems, and best of all, people are ready to pay you for it.

Need a quick example of a place to start your social media marketing blitz?

Twitter — Twitters a goldmine of people who share common interests, goals, and dreams. They want to connect with like minded people and Twitter allows you to
get access to thousands of people who want what you have to offer.

It’s easier to reach this crowd because you can befriend many people at once at the touch of a button and cultivate multiple relationships over time.

Printing money on demand is about offering help to people not expecting the world in return. It’s an attractive quality people forget because they’re too focused on themselves and their needs, but keep in mind that the best social marketers keep their followers needs in mind.

Put these basics to use, and you’ll be a step closer to reaching your financial goals.




Just 3 keys to Enjoy Life

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Social Media Marketing

Important Announcement: Just Launched

 {Social Media Eruption}

After months of trying out new programs and researching social media platforms, today I had the pleasure of launching a new informative guide that you won’t want to miss.

{Social Media Eruption}

It was written for internet marketers of all experience levels, both experienced and new, and was designed to help them learn exactly what they need to know to dominate their niche through social media, and to significantly increase their profits.

I know that most of you reading this blog post have probably used Facebook and Twitter before, but there is much more to social media marketing than those 2 programs alone. You’d be surprised at the unique features available in some of these programs, the functionality, and how they can help you to effectively brand, promote and expand your business for higher revenue very quickly.

There’s no doubt that you should be using the social media platform to launch your business into the stratosphere. In fact, if you haven’t used social media marketing in your marketing strategy yet, then you’re missing out on unearned income you could be pocketing each month.

I’m not talking about dribs and drabs of income either … but a potential goldmine of income is available to smart marketers that utilise social media in their business. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that it’s only good for personal use or for young people that are switched-on… Far from it! You can have just as much fun in your business with social media marketing, as many successful marketers would attest to. Myself included!

{Social Media Eruption} encompasses ten modules, each overflowing with all the information you need to know to market successfully through social media. Also included is a companion worksheet, checklist and process map to ensure you always know exactly where you’re at, and what needs to be done next.

After you are finished reading this guide, you will have a far better understanding of social media marketing, the available platforms, and the advantages of using each in your business where relevant. Your skill sets will improve, while building your brand, increasing your credibility, and expanding your business.

Now Is The Perfect Time To Take Control Of Your Business & Learn All About Social Media Marketing To Generate A Positive Impact On The Success Of Your Business.

Click here for more details about the guide…

PS. Everyone that takes the first step to achieving their goals and learning about social media marketing by purchasing my new guide today will receive a very special bonus!


Inevitable Social Media


Inevitable Social Media

Traditional Marketing Methods Get The Flick In Place Of Hi-Tech Strategies That Produce OVERWHELMING RESPONSE & HIGHER PROFITS!

How bad do you REALLY want success?

Second Income Coach Review


Second Income Coach (SIC) is about to take over the Internet marketing scene. So many people are beginning to take hold of the opportunities Internet marketing presents them and Second Income Coach is in the perfect position to be the premier training program to carry the movement.

Similar programs do not hold a candle to SIC. I will not put out any names, but one comparable training program makes you wait 50 weeks for all the material! Not with SIC, all the material is given to you when you sign up. In addition, they have a free membership available that offers training that can definitely make the difference in the success of your online business.

Topic in the training include blog marketing, twitter marketing, social media, social networks, free traffic. article marketing, and virtually every marketing medium that has generated revenue in one way or another. In addition to the training, is an entire support group to help and mentor you to grow and prosper.

Gerry Schroeder, the founder of SIC, specifically states the program is not meant to make you a millionaire; even though it is possible. It’s more so, start with the foundation, build little by little and eventually you will have a stable second income through Internet marketing (hence the name “Second Income Coach“). SIC is determined to make you into a $10,000aire, and from there you can head for the millions.

So overall, I love the realistic approach the program takes. It is more than nice to have all the training there so you can learn at your own pace. Even more, the free membership has training that will blow your socks off and put you on the right path to success with your business. There’s so much they offer, but I am going to save that for another day.

My Rating: 10/10

– Dan Faschingbauer

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